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Below is a directory of links that I feel are well worth bookmarking on your computer and I would highly recommend doing so. This area is different from the useful links section of the site as the links below are my own personal preferences and recommendations to you and are not just generic links. So please feel free to browse around the links and I will be adding more on a regular basis.

   Busy Mama Programs  

Become part of the Busy Mama Healthy Mama Facebook Community where you can mix & mingle with like-minded mama’s! healthy tips, recipes, workouts and m

Busy Mama Reboot is a 28 day program to get your eating back on track.

Participants say:
I feel lighter. I am lighter. No more stomach pain. No more bloating. Pants are looser. More energy. Amazing quick tips for busy mamas that want to be healthy mamas.
The Busy Mama Reboot is designed to reset your body. Identify and eliminate foods that are working against you and eating foods that are working with you towards a healthy strong body and mind.

The support is tremendous!!

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Living Libations

I absolutely love this company and have linked up as an affiliate. Their products are the most natural I have ever found and my clients agree.
When it comes to Dry Brushing, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Living Libations. I use their dry brushes and lymph+ tonic as part of my routine before jumping in the shower or bath. Nadine, from Living Libations describes her brushes below and the Lymph Tonic to stimulate your lymphatic system. Continue reading to find out how it helps with cellulite

Want white, bright and healthy teeth…continue reading
And my dentist says, "my teeth have less plaque, my teeth are whiter, and my gums aren't as sensitive and don't bleed anymore!"  

My dentist also mentioned that I have a lot of saliva which is a sign of a healthy mouth!!  Take a look at all the nasties in your toothpaste and then compare it to all the natural ingredients and love that Nadine and Ron put in their products.

These 2 incredible videos will have your teeth & gums doing the happy dance in your mouth!!
Check out her line of natural skin care, dry brushes and healthy beauty products.
Love your Ta’ Ta’s aka …breasts. Massage Your Breasts with the Breast Health Massage Oil from Living Libations for two years.  I absolutely love that I am taking a simple step to keep my breasts healthy.
By simply applying a few drops to my palms and then massaging around and on my breasts I am stimulating the circulation & lymph drainage thereby regenerating the movement of fluids in and to my breasts.

Juice Plus

Did you know that you can get free whole food nutrition per child when you order one adult whole food order?

Whole Food Nutrition are available by clicking here (Kids 4-21 years of age, enjoy free vitamins with an adult purchase)

Juice Plus

Juice Plus+ Complete is a whole food based beverage mix that provides balanced nutrition in every scoop. Used for healthy “grab n’ go” breakfast, pre or post exercise, or as a snack. Non-GMO, plant-based, whole food nutrition, low glycemic and gluten free. Convenient single serving pouches.
Click here to order.


Upayanaturals - Canada’s Largest Raw Food Source

Bringing you the best quality products on-line.    UnCook Books, Organic, Raw and Vegan Health products, Supplements, Dehydrators and Juicers and much more!

Favourites from Upayanaturals:


My Vitamix has been a fabulous addition to my kitchen!  I use it at least once, if not four times per day.  I make green shakes every morning for breakfast - best way to get your greens for the day plus adding in super foods such as Vitamineral Greens, Truly Natural Vitamin C Powder, maca, chia, Bee pollen, almonds, pumpkin seeds and so much more. 

Your Vitamix is also great for making hummus, raw tomato sauce, almond/hemp milk, cashew cream, the list is endless!  It is an absolutely fabulous way to get awesome nutrition into you!!!  My husband loves it because it's easy to clean and my kids use it for their endless smoothie creations!
Not sure how these green goodness smoothies will taste...check out the Succulent Smoothie and Juicy Juice workshops that take place at Move Your Body Studio. See calendar for dates.

For more information, and free shipping, please enter my Promotional Code 06-005828

If you prefer to order by phone: Call 800-848-2649 ext. 2308, Sue. Please give Sue the Promo Code 06-005828 to receive your FREE shipping!

Here is what a friend of mine has to say about green smoothies!

The combination of fruit and leafy greens in a vitamix, in my opinion, cannot be beat.  You have the whole food (not juiced) and the maximum natural whole and unprocessed vitamins and minerals you can get.  And btw, this is what our closest cousins, the chimps, eat. (but without the vitamix).  BUT most of all, it tastes amazing by anyone's standards and anyone will drink it, so it is a bit like the healthy chocolate in that people like it and it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice for eating well. 


I bought my new Omega  8004 Juicer!!!!  While it is not as quick as my Jack Lalane, it is super easy to clean and the taste of the juice is SUPERB!!! 
Check out my e-books

I have been juicing for 4 years and so has my husband.  We start everyday with a fabulous juice drink - salad in a glass - it fires you up and gets you ready for the day.

My children also love drinking them and I put about 50% fruit and 50% veggies in them!

For the last 4 years I have been using a Jack Lalane juicer and it's still going strong after a lot of use!  A friend of mine, bought 6 different juicers a few years ago and tested them all. Here is what he had to say: Without a doubt the best in terms of performance, quick and easy cleanup and ability to juice anything (including wheatgrass) is the Omega juicer.  I think the current model is the 8003/8004 (white models – have 10 or 15 year warranties).  They also can make fresh pasta and homogenize things like nuts for creating things like nut pie shells rather than made with wheat or nutloaf.  But that is just a nice side use.  It is just a great juicer overall.

My favourite - kale/swiss chard/spinach/celery/apples/ginger/lemon - but keep your body guessing and mix it up!  My kids name their juice every morning and like "Tropical Thunder" the best - combo of spinach, celery, apple, pineapple and lemon - so we're going with this one for a while!
It's a great way to use up your veggies and also to increase your veggie consumption! 

Books that I love…way too many to mention:

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