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Busy Mama Detox

Busy Mama Detox is in FULL Swing and NEXT Early Bird Registration starts in December. New Year's Detoxing begins January 3rd, 2016.
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When I first met Tanya, I didn't even fit into these more...

I lost a lot of weight


gain energy lose fat

Are you Ready to Gain Energy
and Lose Fat??

Learn cutting edge information about how to lose fat and gain energy, naturally. The secrets are all within YOU. I will help you to uncover what is buried within you. Email for a private consultation to find out what’s at the bottom of your fat storage and how to release it.


Your presentation was excellent. Thanks for taking the initiative and sharing your knowledge. All the information you gave me is cutting edge. I learned the same information from you as did my cousin who just went to a top nutritionist in Toronto. – Chris, London

Thank you for providing me with this valuable information that gives me a much deeper insight into what I need to do on a daily basis, both nutritionally and mindfully. – Rose, Bobcaygeon


We all want a strong core, abs of steel, a six pack, washboard abs...Well…come and get it…it doesn’t happen unless you DO something!!!

This class is ON-DEMAND, so email to get on the list and treat your ABS to an amazing gift. Wednesday’s OR Thursday’s at 6:30pm & 7:15pm.
Click here to learn more. 

This is just another amazing class that Tanya offers…she is the best instructor I have ever had. She’s one of a kind and not to be missed. - Sharon, Joan, Sherri, Chris, Cheryl and many more….

From the Blog

10 Breakfast Choices that Don’t Come from a Box Establishing a healthy morning routine sets the tone for the whole day.

Every morning you get a NEW start…yippee! While sleeping your body has been busy cleaning up what you did to it the previous day…how great is that?

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Anytime, anywhere…just get yourself a tea towel, put a smile on your face and have fun..enjoy this video

Avoid the Afternoon Slump & Stay in Fat Burning Mode

Oh, here it comes again…that afternoon drowsiness – quick, give me a pick me up, aka- sugar, caffeine – to artificially keep me going…STOP, there is a better way.

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Vitamin C Booster Smoothie

Ready for vibrant, healthy


Ready to lower deadly


Drink this to keep colds and the

Flu away from YOU.

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What can Move Your Body do for you?

Located in the beautiful and natural surroundings of Bobcaygeon, Tanya leads a variety of classes at Move Your Body Studio that energize and motivate all of her students and keeps them on track with their fitness goals. Tanya has many certifications and 25 plus years of fitness experience that she is able to pass on to each and every one of her students. Your lifestyle is an accumulation of choices which become habits. With Tanya's guidance and education you will naturally start to make healthier choices with simple shifts. It is when you start to focus on your health that your weight will naturally come off or your health will improve. You must take pleasure in the journey, not be racing to the finish line.

In addition to great classes, join the many seminars that run throughout the year such as:

  • Healthy Living Series - Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness - Juicing and Blending Demo and Tasting, How to Sprout
  • Get Your 6-Pack Abs Seminars, Gain Energy, Lose Fat Seminars
  • Candlelight Meditation and many more!
  • Private Lifestyle Consulting and Personal Training
  • Tanya's wealth of knowledge will be presented in 1-2 hour interactive seminars. Not to be missed so check out her calendar for upcoming events.

Tanya’s e-books are informative and life changing with her simple & realistic tips. Her passion and dedication to health, happiness and feeling your very best shine through in her words.

raw goodness healthy snacks for kids skinny jeans busy mama detox

Coming soon, The Busy Mama Detox Book. In the meantime, register for the September session starting on the 13th. You will be super surprised at just how easy it can be to RECLAIM yourself and your waistline.
This is NOT a DIET and there are NO special products that you need to buy!

For more information, check out

I’m passionate about your Health from your head to your toes and everything in between!

MYBS is rounding out its health team by joining forces with: